January 10, 2022

Beauty Trends That Originated Due to The Pandemic

The lockdowns, WFH lifestyles, and all things associated with the pandemic have caused long term changes in the beauty routines of many women across the globe! In this article, Dr. Jaspreet will highlight some beauty trends that have either originated or are on the rise due to the pandemic!

Trend Number 1: Increased Online Interest in Appearance Improving Products!

One thing that the pandemic has done universally is that it has increased the amount of time we all spend online considerably. Due to most of the world not being able to venture out as they normally would in the past 2 years, habits have changed a lot! Thanks to this point, the online discussions surrounding skincare and beauty grew 60-70% Year on Year in 2021 when compared to 2020!

Trend Number 2: Skincare Products Are Being Used to Battle Stress!

Cooking is not the only thing that the world took up to for the purpose of battling their pandemic-related stress. Skincare products along with soothing ingredients and relaxing routines have all been getting a ton of attention due to people getting more time at home than the time they get outside.

Trend Number 3: Bright Colors Are In!

In these past couple of years, interest in brighter colors has greatly increased! Demand for bright colors is also the reason why the beauty industry has seen a great increase in the number of patents filed for brightly colored makeup in the past 2 years.

Trend Number 4: Samples & Travel Sizes of Skincare Products are in Demand!


One interesting thing we’ve noticed in the past 2 years is the sudden and brief surges in Travel that come in every now and then when the pandemic seems to be in control. Most people are choosing to battle the stress and boredom they’ve suffered by venturing not just out but to different cities, due to this the demand for samples grey 63% and there was an astonishing 400% rise in the demand for travel packs of skincare products!.

Trend Number 5: DIY Trends & Remedies are Here to Stay!

The Indian beauty industry in particular has always had a very rich DIY history with many women practicing remedies based on ayurvedic principles, even before the pandemic. Due to the pandemic-related restrictions coming and going in waves, there has been an increased interest in following or at least giving such trends a shot even by people who had never previously tried to practice them on their own.

Trend Number 6: The Influencers Are Becoming More & More Influential!

All the lockdowns and extra time spent at home, or on the phone has led to more and more time of the average person being spent on social media platforms. This has made social media influencers more influential than ever!

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