August 16, 2021

How Do You Stop Face Flushing?

How Do You Stop Face Flushing?

What Is Facial Flushing?


In simple terms, flushing is a temporary reddening of the skin, this is different from blushing as in flushing the redness is a lot more pronounced. This condition of excessive flushing is also called Rosacea.


What Causes Facial Flushing?


Scientifically, we all flush! However, some do a lot more than others. Flushing is caused by the nervous system diverting more blood to the surface than needed and this causes the skin to appear red & warm, and sometimes even a bit painful!

Flushing while exercising or doing any other activity that heats up the body is quite common.


Is Flushing Bad?


Well, for some people, flushing can be a major problem that can have negative impacts on their lives. With rosacea, flushing is very common and happens quite easily. In fact, sometimes even a cup of coffee or tea is enough to cause it! Also, having it just before an important meeting can cause a lot more stress for something that’s quite trivial for most of us!

Apart from the impact of flushing on the aesthetics, flushing alone is hardly ever a sign of any serious underlying condition, as it’s a normal body response that everyone experiences. However, in case flushing with symptoms like chest pain or difficulty in breathing occurs then it’s important to seek medical help immediately.


Can Knowing the Causes Help You in Tackling It?


Knowing what causes flushing for you and avoiding those activities sounds good on paper but when you start actually doing it, you’d realize that it’s a lot more tedious than it sounds and in reality, it is not even the solution. It’s kind of admitting defeat and learning to deal with the problem rather than solving it for the long term.


What All Treatment Options Are There for Rosacea?


Topical medications exist and they work by reducing the blood flow of the area post-application. How effective these are in your case is something you’d have to try for yourself after consulting with your dermatologist of course.

Under the supervision of your dermatologist, tablet treatments can also be useful. These work mostly as blood pressure medications that are taken to control rosacea.


Can Lasers Treat Rosacea?


Yup! In trained hands and by using the correct energies, the laser has proven to be an effective treatment with the results even lasting several years!

The laser treatment works by not eradication the redness but rather reduce it. The lasers also have a positive impact on your tendency to flush and reduce the overall flush duration as well!




Several effective treatment options exist for Rosacea, so there is no reason to live with the problem. Get in touch with your dermatologist and find out what might work in your case! In case you need to consult Dr. Jaspreet for the same, then you may do so by calling us on +91-8826141232


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