October 4, 2021

Impact of Hormones on Skin Conditions

What Are Hormones?


Chemical Messengers that coordinate the activities of the different tissues and cells in your body are called hormones. Hormones are produced by a gland and circulate throughout your body.

It is also their responsibility to trigger different effects in different parts of the body. These said effects can sometimes be beneficial and at times can cause problems when there is a hormonal imbalance. Of these effects some also show on the skin, let’s discuss!

Hormones & Acne

One of the most common hormonal skin problems is acne. Acne occurs when the hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin. The material that is trapped attracts bacteria and results in spots while causing inflammation.

Hormones increase the chances of getting spots because it’s the hormones that decide the amount of oil that the skin is producing. The more oil they produce, the greater the chances become of your follicles becoming blocked.



The main Hormone that is involved in acne is testosterone. Higher your levels of testosterone, higher oil production, and thus higher risk of developing acne, this is also why acne is such a common problem for boys during their teens.

Testosterone causing issues doesn’t just exist in men, women produce testosterone too but the impact is usually milder when compared with men because testosterone in women gets balanced against the effects of female hormones like oestrogen. Although in women, the levels of female hormones drop towards the end of each menstrual cycle and that is when the effects of testosterone on the skin become more pronounced. This is also why women start developing spots in the days just before the onset of their period.

Hormonal Acne linked to the menstrual cycle is super common and more so when women are in their 20s. However, at times it can also be a sign of another underlying condition like PCOS.

How Menopause Affects Skin

The changes in the levels of hormones as women pass through menopause can also trigger skin issues.

During menopause, the ovaries stop producing hormones that had been controlling ovulation and the menstrual cycle, the effects that these hormones had been having on other parts of the body are also lost and take time to adjust. During the early phase, the balance of several hormones fluctuates a lot and then over time becomes steady.

The one main effect that menopause can have on the skin comes because of the drop in oestrogen. Oestrogen stimulates the production of collagen in our skin. Apart from this, it also encourages the production of skin oils, but without the negative effects of testosterone. Due to all this, women might experience losing elasticity and also suffer from dry, itchy skin during menopause.


What Can Women Do To Fight Skin Changes Due to Menopause

Hydrating and protecting the skin, apart from eating a balanced diet should be done. Apart from this, exercise also improves the condition of your skin by boosting your circulation and supplying the skin with essential nutrients.

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