November 8, 2021

Laser Hair Reduction: Dr. Jaspreet Explains The Process

At Cult Aesthetics, Dr. Jaspreet performs Laser Hair Reduction on a super regular basis, regardless of the body part being targeted or the laser equipment being opted for, she’s achieved strikingly good results. Be sure to see the highlighted testimonials on our Instagram page, in this article, Dr. Jaspreet covers the basics of Laser Hair Reduction.


What is Laser Hair Reduction?

The process of using various laser energies to destroy the stem cell or growing part of the hair follicle is called laser hair removal or laser hair reduction.

Are Results of Laser Hair Reduction Permanent?

NO, “Laser Hair Removal” is a term that we often come across, however, the US FDA has only approved LHR devices to use “Laser Hair Reduction” & not “Laser Hair Removal” This is because, in reality, LHR is NOT a one-time process. A good Laser Hair Reduction treatment plan can result in hair removal which can last up to 10 years even however it’s never lifelong.

Who Is a Good Candidate for LHR?

When done by a trained professional, almost everyone is a candidate, regardless of the fact whether they have light or dark skin. However, the ideal candidate for hair removal is usually someone with dark hair and light skin, patients with white or Gray hair might not get the best results via laser hair removal, only because the laser itself targets pigments in the hair follicles for destruction. All of this basically just means that you should get your LHR while you are young and the hair isn’t white or grey!

Is Laser Hair Reduction Not a Good Option for Dark Skinned Patients?

Not really, with major advancements in the field, there are many options available today when it comes to the kind of laser being used for the treatment. ND-Yag laser is one that works the best for dark-skinned patients as it fundamentally penetrates the skin much deeper which makes the problem of accidentally targeting the pigment-making cells non-existent.

Is Laser Hair Reduction Painful?

If the person who is performing the treatment is skilled and the equipment being used is the best and most suitable one for your skin type then at best, laser hair removal only causes slight discomfort.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe Regardless of The Body Being Targeted?

Yes! It is a safe and a proven method (US FDA Approved) to get rid of unwanted hair. However, when finalizing the clinic for your Laser Hair Reduction treatment, be sure to check out their reviews and testimonials. Do not fall for “too good to be true” offers.

How Many Laser Hair Reduction Sessions Would I Need?

This depends on the body part being targeted and your skin type. Although usually, 4-8 sessions spaced between 4-6 weeks work for most. Annual touch-ups are recommended for the results to stay.

Can Laser Hair Removal Help Any Medical Condition?

Patients suffering from conditions like a pilonidal cyst, PCOS, etc may benefit from an LHR treatment, however, it’s always best to get the laser hair reduction after consulting with your primary doctor for the said ailment.

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