September 6, 2021

Lip Lines Causes & Management

What are Lip Lines?

Simply put, lip lines are wrinkles on your lips. They are in the form of little vertical lines that form on the lips.

What Causes Lip Lines?

Lip lines start showing up as we age, usually, they are one of the most stubborn types of wrinkles to fix as well! Also, since they make their appearance right in the middle of the face, they can easily make you look a lot older than you are!

Does Everyone Get Lip Lines?

Yes, they are a part of the natural aging process and are one of the many skin changes that one experiences as they age.

What Makes the Lip Lines Appear?

The lines become more noticeable as the mouth muscles purse the lips. The muscles under your skin and around the lips encircle your mouth. It is these muscles that contract whenever you whistle, talk, sip a straw, or do various activities involving your lips. Over time as your skin becomes thinner, the wrinkles start to get etched into the skin.

When they begin to appear, the lines look fine at first but with time they deepen & ultimately, they take the shape of what we call lip lines or dynamic wrinkles!

Lip Lines & Smoking

Lip lines are also called smokers lines, this is because the previously mentioned activities that make your lip muscles contract, all get overshadowed with a similar activity that also causes dynamic pursing action and that is smoking!

Are Women More Prone to Lip Lines?

Yes, as naturally, women have thinner skin. Thinning of skin is primarily why the wrinkles get etched into your skin. Also, men regularly shave, and it is due to this that their facial skin is naturally a lot thicker than women.

How Do I Reduce Lip Lines?

There are multiple surgical, injectable, laser-based options available to help reduce the Lip Lines, having said that, it is also important to make a skincare routine that reduces the appearance of lip lines. Regardless of whether you opt for a treatment or not, the skincare routine-related changes will help.

Products & Creams Best for fighting Lip Lines:

Skin creams or other skin care products with ingredients skin collagen renewal are great to fight lip lines. We’ve already talked about the core of collagen production and how declining collagen speeds up aging, on our blog before.

Proven ingredients to stimulate collagen renewal:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Glycolic Acid
  3. Retinoids

Apart from these, wearing sunscreen daily is also highly suggested.

Also, products that hold water in the layers of your skin can show instant results. Such products include:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid
  2. Glycerine
  3. Sodium PCA

Formulations having these ingredients can act like sponges to hold water in your skin instantly.

Which Ingredients Are the Best to Fight Lip Lines?

As already stated, the process of collagen renewal is slower but a lot more effective when it comes to reversing lip lines. For this process, retinol & glycolic acid work the best.

Importance of Protection Against the Sun

Across your lifetime, 80% of your facial wrinkles are due to the sun. It’s always best to not step outside without sunscreen at all!


Lip lines can be effectively fought by creating a balanced skincare routine that fights the core reasons why lip lines occur. All these methods are important even if you have already planned to go for a cosmetic producer to make lip lines disappear.

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