November 16, 2021

Skincare While Traveling (A Complete Guide)

The traveling season is back! Thanks to the lockdowns and restrictions that the entire world has faced in these past 2 years! So you’ve planned an itinerary and have also begun to pack your suitcase for the next adventure. However, have you really packed everything?

When you are vacationing, it is so easy to break away from your daily routine, this includes the timings at which you usually go to sleep or wake up, the diet and also the skincare!

One might think that a few days of break from your usual skincare routine is fine, but let’s not forget that the sun exposure, air conditioning in hotels, constant flip flopping between temperatures all point to just one thing, and that is extra attention towards your skincare routine! In this article Dr. Jaspreet will highlighted a few ways in which you can literally pack your skincare routine and take it with you on your next adventure!

Tip Number 1: Packing Efficiently

One thing that people often do is pack their skincare related products into the same bags in which they have their clothes, gadgets, etc. When you have made up the mind to not break away from your skincare routine while travelling then it’s important to give it some prominence and you can do that by having a dedicated bag for your skincare products.

This will not only keep things organized at your end but the presence of this small extra bag will constantly remind you about your commitment towards skincare while traveling! It’s all about the sub conscious!

Tip Number 2: Hydrate

The skin can feel super dry after a long flight. This is because of the air conditioning present in airplanes being different from the ones in our homes or hotels! Approximately 20% humidity is present in airplanes while we are used to 40-70% humidity typically.

Due to this staggering difference, the skin can start giving a dull appearance after a long flight. Using a moisturizer would ensure that before, after and during such long flights your skin benefits. Also be sure to drink plenty of water!

Tip Number 3: Deal With Stress Effectively

We’ve already discussed the impact of stress on the skin recently on this blog. It’s also no secret that traveling can cause stress! Be it the constant jumping from one hotel to another or the change of atmosphere, all of it adds up.

In fact, a good chunk of the people also find the phase of going through airport security and being in flight quite stressful. To battle it all, use soothing wipes and whenever stressed simply relax, rest and take pictures!

Tip Number 4: Sticking to Your Routine

As we had outlined in the beginning, a vacation doesn’t mean a skincare routine break! If you want your skin to always look happy and healthy then be sure to follow your routine with dedicated and follow the other tips mentioned in this article!

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