December 2, 2021

Technology & Skin

The relationship between skin and technology is one that is seldom talked about. 2021 is a time when all of us are heavily dependent on our gadgets and mobile phones without thinking twice exactly what all complications can arise with their overuse. One such aspect is skin and the use of technology.

Add to this, the fact that due to the several lockdowns in the past, we have now become habitually more dependent on our phones than ever! With people even opting to do stuff like taking a Yoga Class or communicating with their Gym Instructor over a video call rather than in person! In this article, Dr. Jaspreet will highlight a few common skin issues that can arise due to technology!

Issue Number 1: Mobile Phones & Tech Neck

Phone overuse can give you a “Tech Neck”. A condition that is even recognised by the WHO! Tech neck is a condition that occurs when there is neck pain along with accelerated signs of aging. Stiffness and tension in the neck, shoulders, and the back are the symptoms.

Tech Neck can also cause the development of a double chin and wrinkles that can be best described as sagging.

The treatment plan for tech neck begins with a simple step and that is cutting down the usage of your mobile phone. You may of course also undertake simple lifestyle changes like using wireless headphones rather than using the handset all the time.

Issue Number 2: Blue Light from Electronic Devices

Almost every phone in 2021 has a blue light filter option. One that cuts down the emission of blue light from your screen. This is because blue light can negatively impact sleep, stimulate the creation of free radicals, damage the retina, cause dark spots, and most importantly cause premature aging! It can literally be termed as “Digital Aging”

The treatment plan to counter the emission of blue light is simple. Limit the use of your electronic devices and mobile phones and also, more importantly, use the features that a modern-day smartphone comes for your health, i.e., using the blue light disabled mode or night mode when you are using the phone at night as small steps like these go a long way in taking care of your skin health.


The past few years have been super tough for the world. The pace at which the usage of smart devices and gadgets accelerated was unheard of before. Of course, like everything in life, there are 2 sides to the coin, and we cannot ignore how useful these devices are right from connecting us to the world to providing us the feeling of just.. feeling safe. The negatives can be easily countered by undertaking small steps like the ones highlighted in this article by Dr. Jaspreet.

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