September 6, 2021

The Guide To Transition Your Skin Care Regime From Summer to Fall

Why Your Skincare Routine Should Be Weather Based

Just how your wardrobe changes across seasons based on what feels good on your body, your skincare routine should also change based on what feels good on your skin! If you have an effective summer skincare routine, it’s not a guarantee that it will protect you in winters against dryness too. It’s important to acknowledge this change in skin requirements based on the weather and adapt to them. Let’s talk about some tips that’ll help you in this phase of transition!

Why Does Skin Get Dry in The Fall?

Whenever the temperatures are low outside, we tend to use room heaters while indoors, apart from this, we also opt for hot showers. All of this pulls water out of the skin and damages the skin barrier protection.

Such damage to skin lipids leads to dry and itchy skin, and such dry skin is also prone to cracking so it’s always best to counter the negative seasonal impact on your skin with strategic skincare changes.

Summer-Fall Skincare Transition Number 1: Going gentle with skin cleansing & not going in for hot showers.

Replace your summer cleansers with gentle cleansers. In Summer, you need strong cleansers to get rid of sweat and oil. Due to this, it’s important to not let these strong cleansers carry over to the winter season.

Apart from this, it’s always tempting to go in for a hot shower in the winter. However, as tempting as it can be, it’s best to avoid it, whenever the thought of having a hot shower crosses your mind, simply remind yourself how washing utensils is a lot easier with hot water vs cold water! You’d never want the same to occur on your skin!

Summer-Fall Skincare Transition Number 2: Add a hydrating serum to your skincare routine.

Serums are used to target specific goals. Using serums containing hyaluronic acid is one to ensure that enough water is always trapped in your skin.

Summer-Fall Skincare Transition Number 3: Doing away with light moisturizers

Light moisturizers are good for the summers however they just aren’t enough when it comes to the winters! In winters, use richer moisturizers and do not stop the usage of body lotion.

Summer-Fall Skincare Transition Number 4: Using Lip Balm!

Simple lip gloss just isn’t enough in winters. Use a lip balm that has been made from ingredients designed to lock the moisture in your lips.

Lips chap because they are more vulnerable than your skin. We’ve already discussed lip lines on this blog, that covers this topic in-depth.

Summer-Fall Skincare Transition Number 5: Taking care of your hands

Using moisturizers on your hands in winters is a lot more important since dry hands are something many people exclusively experience in the winters! You might survive the summers without the use of any handy moisturizers but in winters, this part of your skincare becomes more important.

Summer-Fall Skincare Transition Number 6: Do not stop using the Sunscreen!

This tip is the opposite of all the other ones where you had to adopt something new for the winters. In this, all that you must do is, to continue the use of sunscreen! Many people think that in winter’s UVA protection isn’t needed as the sun generally feels pleasant, but the reality is that UVA is equally intense throughout the yet!


As you can take out from these tips, the biggest issue that you need to address in your skincare regime in winters is hydration & making sure that the skin is hydrated properly always ensures that your skincare routine would work well in all seasons!

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