January 10, 2022

Universal Expert Tips for That Flawless Skin

Improving the appearance of the skin is something that can be quite easy and even inexpensive if you know what you are doing! In this article, Dr. Jaspreet will list out several tips that can be followed to get that flawless skin!

Tip Number 1: Use of Retinol!

This is something that we’ve discussed various times across the articles on our blog and rightly so as it’s truly the number 1 tip on our list. Retinol is a powerhouse of an antioxidant that can literally teach your skin to act young!

Tip Number 2: Drinking Lots of Water!

Drink at least 7-9 cups of water daily and watch how your body starts getting rid of the skin toxins that can prevent you from getting that radian and glowing skin. Also, dehydration can cause wrinkles and even show signs of aging, so never understate the power of drinking enough water!

Tip Number 3: Never Judge Skincare Products too Quickly!

Dr. Jaspreet has mentioned several times that for you to judge any skincare product, you’d have to try it for at least a few weeks to see if it works for you or not! Never jump the gun too early or you’d end up trying 20 different things in a very short span of time which in itself isn’t a good tactic.

Tip Number 4: Realize and Respect The Power of Nutrition!

Skincare products and the perfect skincare routine are never enough for that flawless skin, it takes something extra and that is diet & nutrition. Find out what problems you have and discuss with your dermatologist, and even nutritionist on how you can counter them with food! The power of great nutrition can impact your overall health greatly and the health of your skin is no different.

Tip Number 5: Do Not Worry About Blemishes

Sometimes, regardless of how perfect your skin is otherwise, you can get a couple of blemishes that pop in every now and then. Do not worry about them and overdo or needlessly add a lot of stuff to your skincare routine. One thing to understand is, that the flawless skin can be achieved, but you can never have that same state for 365 days each year! So, in conclusion, sometimes it’s better to let the minor stuff simply be.

Tip Number 6: Do Not Sleep With Make-Up On!

Always remove whatever makeup you are wearing fully before going to sleep. This can truly be very hard on nights where you’ve just come back from that wedding where you had a great time, on such nights the number 1 thing we all want to do is to just crash the bed as soon as we reach home. Avoid this! It wouldn’t take much time to remove all the make-up, once you do it enough times it’ll become a habit and this will come to you naturally and wouldn’t feel as tedious as it would in the initial phases!

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