June 14, 2021

3 Acne Treatment Social Media Trends That You Should Avoid!

Guidance from dermatologists wins over social media trends when it comes to Acne and the problems associated with it. Today Dr. Jaspreet will shed some light on some of the acne treatment trends that have been trending lately on social media and whether you should be trying them out or not.

Trend Number 1: Drinking Chlorophyll Water

TikTok and other social networks have been sending people out in droves to buy chlorophyll water. The same stuff that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy is mixed with ice water for clear skin. However, can it really help? Let discuss this.

People with acne need to have some sort of antioxidants to slow inflammation, these antioxidants are there in chlorophyll. It also has Vitamin C, E, K, and A, all are great for fighting damaged skin. However, there simply isn’t enough data to suggest that this does the trick, one thing is clear though, that it simply cannot do anything for cystic acne sufferers and could only work in cases of inflammatory acne. Get the approval of your dermatologist, before you start any daily green drink routine.

Trend Number 2: Using Toothpaste to Clear Away Blemishes

This has been very common and isn’t a super new trend, you basically dab white toothpaste on a pimple before going to bed and then wake up with much less inflamed acne. This is what the theory suggests but does it really work? The answer to this is NO. Toothpastes used to contain triclosan which has antibacterial properties, this is what is used to reduce acne to an extent. However, since triclosan has been removed from toothpaste by the FDA the toothpaste trick no longer works! So use it for your teeth and not for your face.

Trend Number 3: Using Raw Potatoes


Another trend that’s been causing a stir in the social media world is the idea of taping a potato to your pimples, the proposed result is that they’d disappear overnight! Some people do even claim to get great results from this trick, let’s dive deep into this.

For starters, potatoes contain salicylic acid, the same ingredient that is present in your face wash, and some acne cleansers. The high starch content present in the potatoes also helps in drying the skin. However, before you start attaching potatoes to your face, the best bet would be to first get your acne analyzed by a dermatologist to know the cause behind the same, there can be no solution without knowing the underlying cause of the problems.

In case you’d like to know more about how to take care of your acne, you may book a consultation with Dr. Jaspreet by calling us at +91-8826141232.


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