September 13, 2021

Dr. Jaspreet Busts Some Popular Skincare Myths

We’ve talked about a ton of articles relating to skincare on this blog. Now it’s time to bust some popular myths! Myths that have become old housewife tales over time or are popularly known as beauty “hacks” on social media! Let’s get to myth busting!

Myth 1: Toothpaste is An Effective Way to Treat a Pimple!

Fact: The fluoride in toothpaste might help dry out a pimple but it can also damage your skin by over-drying it! Due to this, once the pimple is gone, red marks might stay long after! Simply avoid doing this at all costs! Follow a good skincare routine to fight acne after understanding the reason behind the existence of acne in your specific case.

Myth 2: Sunscreens Do Not Need to Be Reapplied in The Day.

Fact: We’ve highlighted the importance of Sunscreen on this blog beforeNeedless to say, it is highly important to re-apply sunscreen as it wears off throughout the day. In fact, for someone who is highly active and is sweating throughout the day, this cycle could also be as frequent as once every 2hrs!

Myth 3: Toning Should Be a Part of Every Skincare Routine!

Fact: Toners and astringents often contain harsh chemicals that remove remnants of the cleanser but also strip the oils from the skin. This is especially an issue for people with dry skin!

Myth 4: Blackheads Are a Build-Up of Dirt!

Fact: Blackheads are a build-up of oil and dead skin cells that get trapped in the follicle. Blackheads get their color because they contain dislodged melanin (the cells that give our skin color).

Myth 5: Sunscreens Are Only Required When It Is Sunny!

Fact: This one is another popular one relating to the use of sunscreens. The simple fact is that your body is exposed to as much UV in winters as it is in Summers! The mighty Sun emits UV rays all year round so apply the sunscreen all year round too!

Myth 6: Makeup with SPF Ensures You Do Not Need Sunscreen.

Fact: Yet another sunscreen-related myth. Makeup generally only mentions SPF, not the amount, as we’ve told before on this blog, it is highly recommended that at least SPF 30 sunscreen is being used and makeup that claims to have SPF without mentioning the amount is no replacement for the sunscreen.

Myth 7: People with Sensitive Skin Shouldn’t Use Retinoids!

Fact: The importance of retinol and retinoids has been highlighted on this blog before. The fact is that almost everyone, regardless of the skin type, can use retinoids if used correctly. In case you have sensitive skin then start by using lower amounts and then very gradually increase it to the desired amount over time.

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