May 24, 2021

Laser Hair Reduction Vs Waxing

Importance of Getting Rid of Unwanted Body Hair.

Unwanted hair on the body may act as a roadblock to your self-esteem and confidence. It is also a bigger worry on festive days as the body demands greater aesthetic attention. Unwanted body hair has been a major concern for both men and women, to get rid of this problem, 2 immensely popular choices exist. One is traditional waxing and the other, laser hair reduction.

Differences between Waxing & Laser Hair Reduction


At the core, both, waxing and laser hair reduction solve the problem of unwanted hair. However, the differences lie between the removal process, the frequency, and the longevity of the results achieved.


While waxing is a semi-permanent unwanted hair removal method. In this process, hot wax is applied to the area from which unwanted hair needs to be removed, after this, it is ripped off in the direction opposite to that of hair growth. It pulls off the hair from the root and it produces results that last for up to 2 to 3 weeks.

Apart from this, waxing also promotes the condition of ingrown hair and requires proper growth to produce effective results. Also, waxing is usually moderately painful however it is a quick and effective process to solve the unwanted hair worry.


Laser Hair Reduction


According to leading dermatologists worldwide, laser hair reduction may remove unwanted body hair permanently. The treatment at its core works by emitting a highly concentrated light that targets unwanted hair follicles and destroys them in order to provide a long-lasting solution without ever damaging the skin that surrounds the unwanted hair.

The treatment is also a painless process and works with equal efficiency on all areas, including the chest, face, bikini, and stomach areas. However, unlike waxing, to get the best results, usually, multiple sessions are required.

The Core Differences

Waxing Laser
You must grow the hair first. You do not have to grow hair before treatment.
Can cause ingrown hairs. Can treat & remove ingrown hairs.
Sticky, uncomfortable, stretches & can remove delicate skin from the face. Laser rejuvenates and tightens the skin while removing unwanted hair.
Treatments must be continued indefinitely. Laser Reduces hair permanently.


A smooth and silky body has turned out to become a new parameter of measuring beauty. Laser hair reduction beats traditional waxing due to its painless characteristic that also produces long-lasting and effective results. Apart from this, unwanted hair from any area can be easily removed with laser hair reduction which is not possible with waxing.

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