November 16, 2021

Tips for Oily Skin

The desire to keep your skin glowing and shining is perfectly Normal. The oil that your skin produces is also a natural part of the skin and keeps your skin hydrated, healthy, and natural looking. However, problems arise when this oil production becomes too excessive! Let’s Discuss!

In case your skin produces excessive oil than required, you’re your skin belongs to the oily skin type. In this skin type, excess oil (also known as sebum) rises from the pores to the surface of the skin and clogs the pores. It also makes sure that you have a super oily and shiny appearance. What makes the matters worse is the fact that the excessive oil can also frequently create acne breakouts since the pores are clogged for too long. Apart from these negatives, the embarrassment of having a super shiny skin appearance can also be a troubling social factor.

All these problems ensure that oily skin is something that should ideally be dealt with and not something that should be ignored. In this article, Dr. Jaspreet highlights numerous ways in which you may deal with oily skin type!

Tip Number 1: Cleanse Often

Cleaning regularly is something that should be an important part of your skincare routine regardless of the skin type you have. However, this part of the skincare routine becomes especially more important when you have an oily skin type. People with oily skin should cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and then once before going to bed.

Cleansing twice a day keeps your overall oil levels under control and rids your skin of excess dirt and bacteria that make matters worse when you have oily skin!

Picking the right cleanser can be a bit tricky. Be sure to pick a cleanser that contains salicylic acid (known to clear clogged pores). Exfoliating gently is also something that should be kept in mind when you have an oily skin.

Tip Number 2: Using Oil Blotting Sheets

If you have make-up on throughout an entire day, then the oil can work its way up to give you a shiny appearance. Oil blotting sheets are super-efficient and portable which makes them a simple solution. Simply take a blotting sheet and press it on your face, then gently blot the oily areas of your skin for a few seconds. DO NOT irritate the skin and only do this whenever your face is appearing to be especially shiny.

Tip Number 3: Seek Professional Help

The general ways to deal with oily skin are good, however, it is important to understand that we should never undermine the importance of professional evaluation. As even in the Oily Skin subtypes, there can be several types of skin and skin conditions. So, seeking professional help ensures that you get a customized treatment plan, and only the products that will do wonders for you are suggested to you!

In case you have oily skin and need assistance for the same then you may contact Dr. Jaspreet on +91- 8826141232!


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