December 13, 2021

When Are Moles a Concern?

Moles on your body or anywhere can be of great concern for some. Especially in Summer times when we all just want to dive into the swimming pool with our swimsuits on! Apart from the cosmetic reasons due to which one might want to get rid of the mole via laser treatment, is there any other reason due to which one should be concerned? Dr. Jaspreet answers just that in this article.

What Do Moles Look Like?

Moles can range a lot in color, they are usually medium to dark brown but can also be skin-coloured or even completely black. The majority of moles are flat and regular in shape.

Should We Check The Moles Regularly?

Yes! Checking the moles once every 3 months is recommended. If there is a history of melanoma in the family then once every month is recommended. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer today and is also a type of cancer that is usually fully curable. Picking up signs of early melanoma is important and removing it early is vital, as the treatment plan is the easiest before it has spread.

In case you have a mole that is changing in shape, color, or size. Or if you have moles that are larger than most other moles on your order or an uneven color or contain certain form of pinkness then you should get it medically evaluated either by your doctor or a dermatologist.

Melanoma skin cancer can be identified with a Simple ABCD rule, as follows:

  1. Melanoma might be ASYMMETRICAL
  2. Melanoma might be with a jagged BORDER
  3. Melanoma might contain more than 2 COLORS
  4. Melanoma might be more than 5mm in DIAMETER

Also, melanomas often stand out in appearance when compared to the other moles on your skin, so dermatologists often use the “ugly-duckling” logic to spot the same. In case you have multiple moles then seeing a dermatologist or getting professional help is highly recommended.

In case you need someone to guide you on the same then feel free to call us on +91-8826141232 to book a consultation with Dr. Jaspreet!


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