May 18, 2021

When Can a Skin Rash Be Considered a Serious Problem?

Today we will talk itchy about skin in general, its causes and when do we consider it to be a serious problem.

Generally speaking, itchy skin is mostly due to dryness which can be taken care of by moisturizing the skin regularly. While at its most basic, itchy skin is solely uncomfortable. Apart from the discomfort that it comes with, constantly scratching the skin might also put someone in awkward social situations.

Itchy skin is known to cause an undesired loop. Basically, the more you scratch the more it itches. Hence while you are trying to get relief you might also be causing more damage to the already irritated skin. Also, often the itchiness comes along with overall redness, cracks, and even bumps or blisters, which makes everything unpleasant.

What are The Causes of Itchy Skin?

There are multiple causes of itchy skin and not all are Dermatology related. For example. If you have scabies, psoriasis, hives, or eczema then you will experience itching which a Dermatologist might help you with.

Apart from the aforementioned listed causes, there are also other causes that are a precursor to the skin’s reaction. In case of nerve disorders including diabetes, shingles, or MS, you may experience discomfort and itching on the skin. Also, psychiatric issues like anxiety, depression, and OCD may lead to itchy skin too.

Allergies to foods, cosmetics, certain drugs can also be a factor. Pregnancy can also cause itching as cholestasis is a liver condition that may cause intense itching in the later stages of pregnancy.

Itchy skin can also develop due to a disease within the body. Thyroid problems, kidney diseases, even cancer, or something like anemia can cause itchy skin.

In case you have itchy skin after ruling out all these possibilities, then you may consider itchy skin to be your body’s way of telling you that something is not right.

Things to Watch Out for When You Have Itchy Skin:


  1. Does the itchy skin keep you awake at night?
  2. Does the itchy skin come with any other symptoms like fever, changes in bathroom needs, weight fluctuations, or overall tiredness?
  3. Does it come suddenly?
  4. Have you tried all home remedies for 2 weeks, yet the skin stays itchy?

All these points can be discussed with our Dermatologist Dr. Jaspreet. You may connect with us at +91-8826141232.


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