May 11, 2021

Why Petrolatum Is One of My Favorite Ingredients

Petrolatum, a name that needs no introduction in the world of dermatologists.  Often regarded as one of the most beloved and most frequently used ingredients in the world of dermatology. Petrolatum is also known as petroleum jelly that is made from processing crude oil (petroleum).

History of Petrolatum

Robert A. Chesebrough made it in 1872 for treating leather, soon enough it was adopted by the pharma industry for skin care to style hair or treat chapped hands. Initially. it replaced lard which was, at that time, used as a vehicle for skin care. One of the prime reasons why it replaced lard was that it had a stable nature, without the need of additional preservatives.

Petrolatum should not be confused with industrial grade petroleum. In skin care, cosmetic grade petroleum jelly is used. Cosmetic grade petrolatum is used in topical products due to it is odourless, non-allergic, and regulated/safe nature.

It is also regarded as the most effective occlusive. Up to 99% of transepidermal water loss is seen. Petrolatum can penetrate all layers of the stratum corneum and can easily initiate the skin barrier repair process to soften the skin. It is great for healthy and inflamed skin.

Ways to use Petrolatum:

  1. Moisturizer: For slugging or using to treat extra dry and flaky areas.
  2. Eye Cream: Used around the eyes to hydrate and lock in moisture and can also be used to remove eye makeup.
  3. Heals minor skin scrapes and burns: Applying it on a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected skin surface can be great for keeping skin moist during post-surgery healing. This benefit is useful for regular, less dramatic skin injuries as well.
  4. Wounds & Cuts: It is effective for overall wound healing, also it has minimal risk of causing contact dermatitis commonly seen with OTC antibiotic ointments.
  5. Diaper Cream: Great as a barrier cream to prevent diaper dermatitis.
  6. Barrier: Use on skin folds to minimize irritation caused by
  7. Lips: The best Chapstick, effective for soothing dry and cracked lips.
  8. Cracked Hands/Feet: Great for hydrating nails and for under occlusion use with gloves/socks for extra soft skin in the mornings.
  9. Preserves Perfume Scents: Using petroleum jelly as the base for your perfume can help it last a lot longer.

Safety of Petrolatum:

Petrolatum is considered very safe and has not shown to cause cancer in animals or humans. One of the only downsides is its greasy nature which could be less appealing to some.

Petroleum Jelly Vs Vaseline:

Vaseline is the original brand name for petroleum jelly. Technically there is no difference between the brand name and generic brands, however, the company that makes Vaseline claims that they only use the highest quality ingredients and a special filtration process. There could be minor variations in consistency, smoothness or even the fragrance. Dr. Jaspreet advises that one should simply look at the label to make sure that the product is 100% petroleum jelly.

Dr. Jaspreet can also recommend petroleum jelly-based products that work best for your concern and your specific skin type. You may connect with us at +91-8826141232.


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