Punch (In Hair Transplant)

Definition & Overview

Punch is a needle-kind tool popularly used in FUE and follicular isolation techniques of hair transplant method to extract the follicle from the donor site. Punch helps the surgeon extract quality follicles without damaging them.

A narrow and durable FUE needle or punch can ensure quality hair transplantation. These Punch FUE HT needles are available in various sizes & types that can contribute greatly to the success of the hair transplant procedure.

The use of a well-chosen follicular unit extraction needle makes the extraction of the hairs easier and quicker, which is advantageous for the surgeon and the patient as well.

Punch Length matters too

  • In the case of a sharp punch, the punch must be 2mm short of graft length. This means, if the graft is 5mm then the punch length should be kept at only 3mm.
  • In the case of blunt punch, the punch must be 1mm short of graft length. This means, if the graft is 5mm then the punch length should be kept at only 4mm.

Type of Punch

There are now 3 types of punches most commonly used in present-day hair transplant surgery. These are as follows:-

  • The sharp edge
  • Blunt edge
  • Serrated edge punch tip

Treatment Options

Sharp Edge

Sharp-edged is the most original and optimal punch used in hair restoration procedures. It is very supreme for all skin types (soft tissue to scar tissue). These punches are generally of one-time use however the super punches can stay sharp for more than 1 patient.

If a patient manages to be successful with this punch (really low transection rates) the person can obtain productive outcomes with all kinds of punches.

The only thing to keep in mind if going for this punch is to see a highly skilled transplant professional, as because the sharp edge cuts through vessels and demands a great level of competency to escape bleeding that can be hulking.

Also, this punch does not give proper results as follicles won’t get enough room to grow.

Blunt Edge

The blunt edge is in close connection to the sharp edge punch. It is also very effective in many types of tissue but requires to be used in elastic or loose skin types.

The blunt punch can be put to use for several months and years to come as long as the tip is not ruined or twisted.

There is less probability of Bleeding as there is no sharp edge which also refers that structures and vessels are shifted out over the way rather than tearing through them.

The blunt punch is relatively more sparing in transaction due to the fact that there is minimal cutting and particularly in immensely curly hair in African and Latin American decants. It provides better results.

Holder Solution

A holder solution which is also known as the storage solution is a form of liquid used to store follicular units after they have been removed from the donor site, at the time of a follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or a follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique.

Once the follicular unit is discarded from the host tissue, it is necessitated to be into a chilled solution between 4°C and 8°C to obtain best results. The standard storage solutions include Ringer’s lactate, saline, and HypoThermosol

However, Instead of using saline water, RINGER LACTATE must be used, which is incontestably the best liquid medium for hair transplants.

Also, some hair transplant doctors may use the saline solution, but the chance of hair survival may decline to its characteristic of salty preparation, furthermore, this may contribute to several side effects including Redness or rashes, infection at the injection site, skin rash, Swelling and Pain in the joints.

Why is a Storage Solution Necessary?

During a hair restoration surgery, a follicular unit containing several hair follicles is extracted from the donor site and placed onto the recipient’s scalp.

But in the process of follicular units being supplied from the donor site to the recipient’s scalp, various factors of conditions can destroy the follicular units beyond repair:

  • Dehydration – once follicular units are extracted from the donor scalp, the hair follicle can quickly dry out.
  • Deficiency of nutrition – As a sole source of nutrition, the hair follicles exploit the bloodstream. Once follicles are extracted out of the bloodstream, the hair no more has the nutrients essential for its long survival.
  • PH Balance – Moisturizing oils – sebum, in the scalp helps control the natural levels of acidity in hair. A research study also revealed that all chilled storage liquid mediums help to maintain a proper balance of 7.4 to render maximum protection.
  • Ischemic injury – the insufficiency of oxygen does not permit the hair to face ADP, a process in which oxygen from the blood is transformed into energy. Ischemic injury is worsening the reasoning that harvested hair takes at least 3 days to link to the blood transport again. For the fact that the hair does not link back again to the bloodstream instantly after transplantation, some specialists will have the patient inhale pure oxygen preliminary to the surgery.
  • Microbial bacteria and fungi – a chilled storage solution provided as a liquid hurdle that blocks contaminants from making them out to the hair graft.

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