Skin Pigmentation

  • A Quick & Gentle Process: Removal of Skin Pigmentation at Cult Aesthetics is achieved with various treatment options that are gentle and non-invasive. The common aim of all treatment options is to target only the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment.
  • Precise Results: Since the entire pigmentation is removed in a controlled fashion, the targeting can be done at an extremely specific level. This coupled with efficient destruction of pigmentation concentrated cells gives a very precise overall result.
  • 1 Treatment, Many Benefits: The many benefits of Skin Pigmentation Treatment are: elimination of pigmentation, minimal side effects coupled with small recovery time, overall better texture of the skin.

About Us

Cult Aesthetics is a Cosmetic Surgery chain based in Gurgaon & Delhi. Our journey began in 2019 and under Dr. Gaurav Solanki’s leadership and within a span of 3 years we’ve built a name that many centres seldom make in a decade!

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