December 21, 2021

Ageing of The Face: Changes As We Age

A youthful face is always something that is considered to be desirable. However, there are changes related to facial ageing that we always feel like slowing down. In this article, Dr. Jaspreet talks about Ageing of The Face and what changes occur as we age.

How The Face Changes as We Age

Just how ageing affects every corner of our body, changes in the face also appear as we age and are actually the most prominent since the face is always at the forefront.

Structural Changes We See as We Age:

  1. Ears can get a bit longer because the cartilage within them grows.
  2. The nose tip droops because of the nasal cartilage becomes weaker as we age.
  3. The Forehead can appear to be expanding due to receding hairlines.

Apart from these structural changes, when we are young, the fat in our face is evenly distributed. As we age, this same distribution changes, and the fat starts sifting downward, all these changes can give a skinning appearance to the facial features that were once round. Also, skin that was once smooth and tight tends to get a loose and saggy appearance due to these changes as well.

The other changes can consist of wrinkles. Wrinkles are the result of facial muscles that keep tugging on and even crease the skin. The folds get deeper as we age and the fat deposits start shifting downwards. Also, other factors like sun damage or smoking might also aggravate the problem of wrinkles a bit more as we age.

How Do I Tackle Facial Aging?

Facial Aging can only be tackled to an extent, as ultimately these changes reflect the experience, and challenges you’ve experienced in your life and are impossible to completely avoid for anyone! So be sure to enjoy the process of ageing, all while following the below-mentioned tips to slow it down to an extent!

  1. Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Treatments: At Cult Aesthetics by Enhance, Dr. Jaspreet has led many patients to happy results for various types of non-surgical treatments that have no downtime and get you great results very quickly.
  2. Sun Protection: The effect of sun damage on ageing is something that we’ve already discussed on this blog before. To keep it short, UVA can cause great sun damage over time in case you aren’t using sun protection and most of this damage leads to early ageing and wrinkles on the face!
  3. Skincare Routine That Works: This could include moisturizers that suit your skin and other creams/lotions that really suit your skin type and do you good. Crafting a skincare routine that works for you is easier said than done, which is why it’s always suggested to consult with a Dermatologist before finalizing your skincare routine.

In case you need someone to guide you on the same then feel free to call us on +91-8826141232 to book a consultation with Dr. Jaspreet!


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