August 16, 2021

All About Skin Fasting

All About Skin Fasting


The concept of skin fasting is quite simple, you are required to avoid the use of skin care products entirely for a period. The proposed benefit is that whatever “negatives” come with the overuse of skincare products will be wiped out and your skin will learn how to repair itself without the use of any skincare product whatsoever. Sounds simple & effective, let’s discuss!

First things first since this idea itself came from a skincare company quite recently so the actual scientific data that has been peer-reviewed does not exist to support this trend.

To understand if this can work from a rational point of view, let us first understand how complex the skin is and what all it does on a daily basis to make things work for you. The skin on our body consists of a microbiome that itself consists of trillions of microorganisms (bacteria) that can be essential to the health of the skin.

Also, we’ve already discussed on this blog how cleaning the skin too frequently does a lot more harm than good. Due to excessive cleaning, the skin loses its natural oils and nutrients, and this can disrupt the natural skin barrier greatly.


How Does Skin Fasting Work?


The use of skin care products is stopped for a period longer than 2 weeks as that is because it usually takes the facial skin at least 2 weeks to turn over, after which the proposed results should be visible.


Should You Stop Using ALL Products & Does Skin Fasting Work?


Ideally, most people should only slim down the regime rather than putting a blanket ban on anything and everything! This is because many products in the market have strict application protocols. We at Cult Aesthetics, always suggest that the skincare regime should be balanced and tailor-made for your specific skin type. Alternating between very excessive usage of skincare products and skin fasting is not the long-term solution.

Also, it’s always best to be aware of what is working for your skin and what product is working against your natural skin type. Adding & removing products can be done more strategically rather than going overboard and completely stopping the usage of every product! A basic skincare routine like applying sunscreen or cleaning your skin is very essential regardless of what skin type you have, avoiding this completely can do a lot more damage than you think!

At Cult Aesthetics, Dr. Jaspreet strongly advises against ditching cleansing & exfoliating from the routine as this can cause a buildup of dirt & dead skin cells that clog pores and eventually cause acne breakouts which make matters all-around worse. Apart from this, needlessly resetting the skincare regime that has worked for you over time makes the process of getting things back into the flow a lot more tedious!

In case you’d like to understand your skin and know about what kind of skincare regime would be best for you, then do consult with Dr. Jaspreet for the same! You may book a consultation with her by calling us on +91-8826141232


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