December 2, 2021

Caring for Chapped Hands in The Cold Weather

Winter can be a very harsh period for the skin. From dry skin to chapped hands, Dr. Jaspreet has listed out a few tips to help you deal with this period!

Skipping Long Showers

In winters, we often spend extra time in the shower. Nothing feels as soothing as the long hot showers in such times! However, it’s important to note that extra-long showers can dry out the skin a lot and even cause discomfort and dry skin rashes. No matter how tempting the long showers feel, try not to overdo it. If possible, set time limits and make the temperatures reasonable.

Using Heavy Moisturizers

We’ve highlighted their importance in our last article, and there is no time other than winters that shows how important they truly are! Also, it’s worth noting that your favourite moisturizer that you’ve been using all year long just might not cut it in the winters! In Winters you need a moisturizer that has been designed for the winters and contains a lot of ingredients that can help your skin in locking in the moisturizer for the majority of the day!

Using a Sunscreen

We’ve touched on this topic multiple times previously. It’s wintertime, and we all think that the UV rays of the mighty Sun are no longer harmful for us! All of that is incorrect. As we’ve stated before the rays can be as harmful in the winters as they are in the summers. So do not make the mistake of taking them lightly in the winters and instead finalize a sunscreen that can aid you all through the winter period!

Using a Humidifier

Often regarded as the best-kept secret for better skin, a humidifier is a sound investment in the winter period! As heating systems are known to cause dry air and dry skin, having a humidifier in your home or office all day long can help counter the negative effects of the heating systems that we all use during the winters.

Just Taking Care of Your Hands!

The skin on your hands is generally a lot thinner and more delicate than the skin on the other parts of your body. Due to this, it is even more important to take good care of your hands during the winter. If you are doing the dishes by hand, then wear rubber gloves. If you are going outside, then use warm gloves or mittens. Small steps like these go a long way in making sure that your hands never feel itchy or cracking throughout the winters and they feel super healthy all year long!

Forming a skincare routine and then abiding by the same with diligence is a tough task, especially in the winters! In case you need someone to guide you on the same then feel free to call us on +91-8826141232 to book a consultation with Dr. Jaspreet!



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