November 8, 2021

Interesting Acne Facts!

Acne is something that affects approximately 70% of the population, the skin condition is something we’ve discussed on our blog extensively before. Acne is considered to be severe if cysts or nodules are large, painful and have penetrated deep into the sin.

Since the skin condition itself is very complex, Dr. Jaspreet has talked about its various aspects across various articles on our blog. In this article, Dr. Jaspreet discusses Acne facts that the majority isn’t aware of!

Fact Number 1: There are More Than Just 2 Types of Pimples.

Blackheads & Whiteheads usually get all the attention. However, pimples can be of six different types. Apart from blackheads & whiteheads that are caused by oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria build-up, the other types include:

Papules & Pustules: these are hard and raised bumps that are tender to touch.

Nodules & Cysts: These are deeper pimples that should only be treated professionally. These are very large and often painful, and even pus-filled cysts.

Fact Number 2: Stress Can Cause Acne!

When we are stressed, the hormones released in our body can increase oil production. This can add up with other factors and contribute towards the formation of acne. Finding ways to relax and be calm throughout the day can help immensely. Yoga, and exercise are known to reduce stress levels when done regularly. Simple medication that is done regularly also really goes a long way!

Fact Number 3: The Role of Water!

Drinking plenty of water helps in moisturizing and cleansing of the skin. It also reduces the amount of toxins present in your skin and eliminates irritants. Be sure to drink plenty of water in your battle with acne!

Fact Number 4: Make-Up Can Cause Acne

Make-up can clog your skin pores and the hair follicles on your skin. This leads to accumulation in the pores and can form pimples inside the hair follicles. Make-up with mineral oil can be especially harmful and a big cause of developing acne!

Fact Number 5: Sun Exposure Can Minimize Breakouts.

Small amounts of time in the Sun is beneficial for acne. 10-20 minutes is ideal, you should avoid anything more than that as too much skin exposure would then do more harm than good! Do not forget to wear sunscreen whenever outside.

Fact Number 6: Too Much Washing Is No Good

Over exfoliating and over cleansing can actually aggravate your acne problems! As the skin can get irritated and dry which can ramp up the production of oil. Stick to a morning and night regimen.

Fact Number 7: Food Might Not Be The Cause of Your Acne

Contrary to popular belief, diet isn’t actually a proven cause of acne!

Fact Number 8: Acne Is Not Restricted to Age

Acne is not restricted to your age alone, although, it predominantly begins in the stages of puberty. In fact, Adults can also develop acne even in their 40s!

In case you are dealing with acne and need professional help of the same, then you may connect with Dr. Jaspreet by calling us on +91- 8826141232.


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