December 13, 2021

Sunbathing for Vitamin D, Should You Do It?

How Do We Obtain Vitamin D & Why Is It So Important?

Vitamin D is obtained from 2 sources. The first is the diet and the second is the effect of sunlight on the skin. Vitamin D is needed for the health of our bones and to keep them strong as we age. Lack of Vitamin D can cause serious bone fractures in old age and can also give children rickets.

Should We Sunbathe for Vitamin D?

In these modern times we are covering our bodies with clothes most of the time and also purposely spending more time indoors to protect ourselves from the Sun. Due to all this the skin production of Vitamin D is a lot low than what is was for our previous generations and we are seeing huge epidemic of vitamin D Deficiency.

This is an especially bigger problem when you consider that the life expectancy of humans has been increasing with time. If we aren’t careful about Vitamin D in our youth then we can face serious and irreversible issues at a much later stage when we are a lot older.

All of this does not mean that sunbathing is the answer. Skin cancer is now 4 times more common than what it was roughly four decades back, it has even become the most common type of cancer. So if we pick sunbathing as the answer then we’d be ending up with tons of Skin related issues and in worst cases Skin Cancer.

So How Do We Boost Vitamin D?

The answer to this is the other source of Vitamin D, which is diet and oral supplements. Foods high in Vitamin D can do wonders regardless of what age bracket you belong to. If including adequate intake of Vitamin D in your diet is something you’d rather not do then you have the safe alternative of Vitamin D capsules, it’s also important to consult with your physician to see if you need them in the first place or not!

Sunscreen & Vitamin D

As already explained, resort to the oral method for Vitamin D while keeping your skin protected and hydrated with a good sunscreen. As far as the world of skincare is concerned, there is no such thing as a HEALTHY TAN, remember this the next time you are planning your trip and want to return with a darker skin tone for no rhyme or reason!

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