October 25, 2021

Why The Makeup Routine Should Begin with Skincare

Why The Makeup Routine Should Begin with Skincare

The lines between skincare and makeup have been blurring over the years. We are living in times where every product and service wants to do it all! This approach is also common to find in make-up products. This could mean that the Foundation you purchase already has been formulated with SPF which forms the belief you can skip the sunscreen. But can you really? Let’s discuss!

The Rise and Rise of Skin-Infused Make-Up Products

Women nowadays go more on more with 2in1 make-up products all because there has been a documented rise of skincare in makeup. The beauty industry has always been the one to think quickly on its feet. Make-up and its definition is changing from just being about cosmetic features to a multi-tasker that also takes care of your skin, or at least the idea is to accomplish just that.

The Role of Lockdowns in This Transition

During the worldwide lockdowns, people cared more for their skin rather than make-up due to the obvious fact that everyone was inside their homes! Apart from the usual video calls, there wasn’t much reason to apply make-up in the first place.

Due to this behavioural change, the concept of infusing skincare in make-up started to become the trend, with brands not only actively infusing their products with skin-care concepts that have worked over the ages but also actively started to use this as a marketing strategy. This change in which make-up products were marketed also lead to the efficient concepts of skincare becoming more popular than ever!

The Era of Consumers Who Know Their Ingredients

One thing more that the lockdowns changed in consumer habits was that it brought everyone ONLINE. In the online world, knowing what ingredient does what is simply a search away, with the number of searches and the volume of people actively spending time online reaching new heights, we’ve entered the age in skincare where the consumers have become more ingredient-savvy than ever! In terms of search terms too, the number of people searching for skincare was higher in the last 1 year than what it has ever been previously!

Habits Changing Leading to Further Rise of Skincare Infused Make-Up Products

With the lockdown months being more about skincare rather than make-up when the world started to ease the restrictions and re-open, the consumers started to search for products that can work in both make-up and skincare! Simply because it’s just efficient to do! A decade full of growth happened in a span of year when it comes to consumer habits in the make-up product world.

Now brands actively work towards increased transparency and no longer think of consumers as someone for whom a good marketing campaign would be just enough, the substance being in demand is now the need of the hour too, otherwise, the product would simply fail.

The Road Ahead and should Make-Up & Skincare Be Mixed?

As of date, if you let your Make-Up handle your skincare routine then you’d be missing out on a lot of goodness that a proper skincare routine comes with! These are the first generation of make-up/skincare products so, as time has shown again and again, they’d leave a lot to be desired if you just stick with them for your entire skincare regime! We highly recommend that the make-up routine should begin with Skincare at its heart and then expand to other cosmetology aspects (the reason why we do make-up)!

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