October 25, 2021

Why The Skin Might Suddenly Become Sensitive

One might think that temperamental skin usually settles down with age, however that is not the reality. The reality is that the skin can become unusually sensitive at any moment, even when you’ve never previously had sensitive skin! Let’s discuss this concept in this article!

Many skin conditions are known to appear suddenly, these conditions include rosacea, dermatitis, etc. This shouldn’t be confused with the skin type, as the skin type you have remains the same always. However, there are different triggers for different types of skin that make the skin more sensitive suddenly. The reason why this happens is that the skin is constantly working, the upper layer acts as the skin barrier that protects everything that’s beneath it.

The reasons for the Skin becoming unusually sensitive can be quite a lot, some reasons include:


Stress and hair loss is something Dr. Gaurav has already covered on our Hair Transplant sister blog, Stress impacting the skin and its functioning is also something that is very common and is in fact an aspect that is largely overlooked when it comes to skincare. People who feel more stressed usually suffer more skin flare-ups, while stress is also known to be a common trigger point for rosacea, which we’ve also talked about on our blog before.


Hormones and Skincare have a deep connection. We already know that pregnancy or menopause can trigger hormonal changes, what’s worth noting is that these hormonal changes can also lead to significant changes in the overall sensitivity of your skin.

Moreover, apart from the hormones, the skin barrier also gets drier as we age, this leaves the outer layer of the skin a lot less robust. Add to this the fact that skincare changes can take a lot longer to adjust at older ages and the concept of ageing causing sudden changes in the sensitivity levels of skin starts making a lot of sense.

How Can Sensitive Skin be Treated? 

Professional advice before anything else is always recommended! The reason why we say this is because before you start working towards a solution, it’s important to note and understand why the problem occurred in the first place.

Some general changes like getting the lifestyle under control, and lifestyle changes like getting more sleep, minimizing the stress, giving more importance to nutrition, and eating a lot healthier food for most of your meals work great.

Also, re-analysing your skincare routine is also something that should be practiced. A simple and effective routine should be formed after seeking professional help, once that suits your skin type and other conditions that your body might be experiencing. Forget about what is trending and see what is working for you, professional help for this step is highly advised as otherwise, the process of experimentation without guidance could aggravate the problem even further.

In case you are experiencing skin sensitivity suddenly and would like to seek professional help for the same them contact us on +91- 8826141232 and book an appointment with Dr. Jaspreet!


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